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Uaix/World routing tool for VPN users

How to setup L 2 TP manually on Windows

- If your special channel is a VPN, UaixRoute can automatically redial this. VPN connection as needed. You must Works under, windows 2003, XP, 2000. list url - address of http resource with list of UA-IX networks. UaixRoute does the same job on Windows boxes. If you don't need to dial the VPN, don't specify.

How to Fix, vPN

- Description: This programme is for constructing Autorun pogrammes. It consists of two parts: Constructor and Autorun. Works under Windows 2003, XP, 2000, NT4-sp4. If you can obtain cheaper world traffic, why pay more?

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- Where do I look? However if you see a server poll timeout error message then the server could not be reached. The desktop can connect to the, vPN, but the laptop cannot. You must specify the connection's parameters, including the password, in the connection's properties. Expected to work with Vista. Txt NetassistVPN If UaixRoute is already running, this command tells it to shut down.

ip-address of world gateway - IP-address of your ISP gateway or your local router. The list of subnets in the ua-ix is available,.e., at /ua-list. Site friends: Search: Pages: a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x y z). Usage, command line parameters: UaixRoute @ list url ip-address of ua-ix gateway ip-address of world gateway vpn-connection name Starts, uaixRoute as a background process. ip-address of ua-ix gateway - IP-address of the gateway inside, vPN-tunnel. Rar / tgz (25.2 Kb/26.7 Kb) Fixed some bugs in VPN-interface detection in some specific cases. Example: UaixRoute OfficeVPN UaixRoute uaix. In given case it would. By default, UaixRoute logs only errors and route table update messages. UaixRoute -exit UaixRoute creates a log, uaixroute. The shutdown will occur at the next update or redial, ar in 5 seconds timeout. Use at your own risk. Txt, and this list is sometimes updated. UaixRoute starts from the command line and runs in the background. About, many ukrainian internet providers sell packages with unlimited uaix traffic, but paid per-megabyte or limited world traffic. Site friends: Search: Pages: a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x. UaixRoute needs administrative privileges to change the routing tables. It updates the routing tables every 5 minutes. If you only want to log changes in the routing tables, use the -changes flag. If your ISP doesn't provide such list, you may get it directly from UA-IX core router: /ua-list. For unix boxes scripts have been developed to update the routing tables with the information from ua-ix list. However, it is pointless to route ukrainian traffic through such a special channel, and if there is much ukrainian traffic, the channel will be needlessly overloaded. This is not the same, iP-address, which you to specify VPN-server. License UaixRoute is freeware. If you want to log maximum debug information, run UaixRoute with the -verbose flag. Now -exit terminates session in 5 seconds and does not wait for end of VPN session. Don't forget to check the "remember password" checkbox.

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