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Questions on Virtual Private Networks - Zeroshell Linux Router

Virtual Private Network (VPN) - Zeroshell Linux Router

- Yes, you can by using the ZeroShell VPN Bonding function. For each adsl connection you then create a Virtual Private Network with the head office and merge them in one bond interface. The traffic will be distributed in Round-Robin on the VPN composing the bond and by doing so the bandwidth is increased in proportion to the number of adsl lines used. For instance, if you notice that an Internet connection fails too often, you may decide to disable it by acting on this entry. Its value may be increase if the link ends up too many times at Fault due to congestion.

Multiple Internet Connections - Zeroshell Linux Router

- Bonding of two or more VPNs is supported in load balancing or fault tolerance configuration. This means, for example, that if there are two or more adsl connections, a VPN can be created for each connection and they can be combined increasing the band or reliability. VPN LAN-to-LAN that may be configured in Zeroshell may be obtained using OpenVPN and TAP virtual interfaces. This ensures the authentication of IPSec fails. The receive load balancing is achieved by ARP negotiation.

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- The latter entirely resemble real Ethernet interfaces and, as such, they may be aggregated through Bonding. Zeroshell is available for x86/x86-64 platforms and ARM based devices such as Raspberry. Some advanced features of Zeroshell are: Load Balancing and Failover of Multiple Internet Connections VPN Site to Site and VPN Host to Site. Radius Authentication and Accounting, bridging and vlan Management, wireless Access Point with Multiple ssid Support. USB Drive/Modem CD Rom Eject I have some novatel wireless usb modems. (VZAccess Manager) You would think that disabling the drive would disable it all the way.

Anyone with ZeroShell / VPN Bonding experience : homelab

- Anyone with ZeroShell / VPN Bonding experience (self. Homelab) submitted 3 years ago by Heel11 Hello, I am trying to set up a Bonded VPN using ZeroShell and can't seem to find a proper guide and or Video that explains it well and simple how to configure. Zeroshell is a Linux distribution for servers and embedded devices aimed at providing the main network services a LAN requires. Init5 atcgdcont1 IP Carrier Check yes Dial Command ATX1DT Modem Type Analog Modem Baud 460800 New pppd yes Modem /dev/ttyUSB0 isdn 0 Phone #777 Password JustAnyOldPW Username Replace with your devices phone number. This server, which replies on the UDP 500 port, generally supports authentication with preshared keys or with.509 certificates. In fact, the rules through which one chooses which connections to route manually on a specific gateway are set just as in the firewall, using IP addresses, TCP/UDP ports and.

Connection and VPN Bonding - Hack Sphere Labs Wiki

- It is available in the form of Live CD or Compact Flash image and you can configure and administer it using your web browser. Says it supports VPN Bonding; 3G support (It is linux) I was able to get ZeroShell to work. The outgoing traffic is distributed according to the current load (computed relative to the speed) on each slave. Here is my wvdial conf script: /etc/nf Dialer Defaults Init1 ATZ #Init2 ATQ0 V1 E1 S00 C1 D2 fclass0 Init2 ATQ V1 E1 S00 C1 D2 fclass0 Init3 - ATQ V1 E1 S00 C1 D2 fclass0 #? On the other hand, if the gateway is a modem, we must physically connect it to the Zeroshell box via Ethernet in case of PPPoE, or via USB in case of 3G mobile connection, and create the Point-to-Point interface respectively from.

The TUN/TAP devices are drivers that enable processes that run in userspace, writing and reading from the /dev/net/tun character device, to communicate with the kernel and emulate the network interfaces. NAT Traversal or for short, nAT-T, instead represents a standard and solves the aforementioned problems by encapsulating the packets already encrypted by IPSec in a UDP tunnel on port 4500. Utilizes all slaves in the active aggregator according to the 802.3ad specification. By doing this the remote client appears inside the firewall and can thus dialog with the LAN hosts without the risk of being filtered. Instead, in the second type of VPN, a single Layer 3 protocol can transit (generally IP) and the traffic is routed via static routes. The host-to-LAN, vPNs instead connect individual clients in a encrypted manner to a LAN. Server Configuration, i used a Debian VPS because I wanted to route all my traffic out to the internet through the bond. For each adsl connection you then create a Virtual Private Network with the head office and merge them in one bond interface. Rule for manually routing smtp traffic The example in the figure illustrates how the smtp traffic (port 25 TCP generated by the e-mail server with IP address, is forced to exit router, which links to a fiber optic line. Number of probes before marking down : it represents the number of failed pings before a link is switched to Fault ; Number of probes before marking UP : indicates the number of consecutive successful pings needed to return. Weight Value : a whole number that represents the weight (importance) of the link. The result is like a virtual level 2 switch which extends via Internet, however its ports seem to belong to the same virtual switch, even if thousands of kilometres apart. In case links are congested, increasing this value may help. Heres what the parameters mean: Description : It contains a textual description of the gateway. Lastly, remember that other than load balancing of the Virtual Private Network, the VPN bonds also ensure fault tolerance so that if one of the connections fails, the traffic is re-balanced in a few seconds on the remaining working connections. Zeroshell Web Interface, transparent Web Proxy with Antivirus and URL Black Lists. Testing Modem with wvdial I used wvdial to test the modem. Why is OpenVPN not used in this case? I need the flexibility of a custom router. These connections are used by companies with offices dispersed territorially and the use of dedicated data communication links would be too expensive. If you use ufw you will need to do it in the ufw files. Bonding ) of VPN aimed at increasing the bandwidth for point-to-point connection between remote locations via the Internet. ZeroShell prefers to use standard protocol such as L2TP/IPSec because for the majority of operating systems it doesnt require installation on third party software clients. Fault tolerance for Internet connections through the Failover Monitor The Net Balancer may be set to operate in one of the following two modes to regulate which connection must be selected to satisfy a specific Internet request: Load Balancing. This greatly simplifies configuration by no longer requiring static routes and two public IP addresses. It has a nice interface but is made to be run off a live. In the first case the two LANs are generally bridged and thus any level 3 protocol (IP, IPX, Apple Talk) can pass through them. Is it really possible to increase the Internet connection bandwidth? It is available in the form of Live CD or Compact Flash image and you can configure and administer it using your web browser. Load Balancing and Failover, the outgoing requests to the Internet are sorted proportionally, based on their weight value. It was actually working with any. Captive Portal Access for Internet Hotspot.

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