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Avira Phantom VPN review TechRadar

- Avira Phantom VPN and Netflix Netflix and other streaming platforms offer specific content to specific parts of the world. With a VPN, you can jump those invisible borders to see how the other half. Avira Phantom VPN review Every internet security company offers some form of privacy protection ad-blocking, anti-tracker, secure browsing but Avira takes this to the next level with its own. The more server locations there are, the more likely you are to find one nearby, wherever you. That all being said, I caution strongly against choosing a VPN on speed alone.

Avira Phantom VPN: 6 Reasons to Avoid This VPN (Review)

- Avira Phantom VPN Review Avira Phantom VPN locks-down your private files, keeping account login information, passwords, and other sensitive data private. Their VPN software is using a VPN protocol called OpenVPN and your traffic is encrypted through 256-bit AES encryption. Avira took a different approach by building its own service called Phantom VPN Pro. Avira Phantom VPN uses OpenVPN for its Windows and Android clients. Avira's privacy policy is very broad and primarily concerned with complying with the gdpr.

Avira Phantom VPN Pro review: A homegrown service that's

- Phantom VPN is included for free in Avira Prime, the companys all-in-one subscription service, but the VPN can. Avira Phantom VPN Review (2020 As Good As Its AntiVirus? August 10, 2019 August 10, 2019 by Sam Sturley The famous Avira antivirus company has created a VPN. Click the link instead itself, however, and it takes you to a list of possible locations under. Whatever server we tried, we saw nothing more than the usual stern 'you seem to be using an unblocker or proxy' error message. Based on the average from five different locations around the world, Avira Phantom VPN was only able to retain.08 percent of the base speed.

Youll connect to the nearest location by default, but clicking on it will bring up the server menu, where you can choose a specific country: The search bar is helpful, and its always nice to see server ping. Your data flows through the tunnel, protecting you from hackers on the network and shielding your activities from ISPs' prying eyes. The Avira Phantom VPN app seems designed with novice users in mind. For example, Avira will show you the ping time to different server locations, but not let you drill down to specific servers or see additional stats. These features are all worth having, but experts might miss the lack of low-level options and tweaks they'll often get elsewhere. That said, there isnt much to leave you confused. The 500MB a month data allowance almost certainly won't be enough, but the ability to pay for an annual plan via Bitcoin can also help to preserve your anonymity. It includes minor bandwidth logs (how much data youve used whether youre a free or paying user, and some diagnostic data. As per their logging policy, it does not track the websites users visit. VPN Protocols As a mature technology, there are several ways to create a VPN connection. If youre running one of the four major platforms, yes! How long Avira will continue to evade them is an open question. Location ping times help choose the best server for you, though, and switching servers is also very simple. We know that because we tried it not because Avira reassured. If theres one thing that users might find confusing its how to select country locations. This shuts down your internet connection in case your VPN connection fails. Unfortunately, the speed tests were mostly disappointing. IPLeak, dnsleakTest and, doILeak, and found no privacy leaks of any kind. You can avail this plan without any subscription. Lets have a look at the rating criteria on the basis of which I have performed this review: Pricing, how much does Avira Phantom VPN cost? Avira does use virtual servers, but all virtual servers are in the same location as their physical hosts. Pricing and Features, avira subscriptions start at 10 per month, which is a smidge below average for the industry. Lets get started with our in-depth review! Theres also a Chrome extension, but make no mistake its less of a VPN and more of a proxy service. This is if you download the apps from their website. For pocket change, you get a great baseline VPN, unlimited bandwidth, and as many connected devices as you want. Avira Phantom VPN on Other Platforms Avira offers clients for Android, iOS, and macOS, in addition to the Windows client reviewed here.

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