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Welcom to Zain, Sudan Home

Zain - Sudan - APN Settings

- Here you may find the nearest Customer Care Office Shop from an extended network; that covers all of Sudan. Our dedicated compitent staff are always eager to provide state of the art products services and ready to exceed our Customers expectations. Select nearest Zain Shop. Also check  Airtel and Grameephone Bangladesh Unlimited free internet Via Droid VPN How To Use Latest Zain unlimited free internet Via Anonytun VPN on PC To be able to use this Zain unlimited free internet Via. Download SM Tunnel VPN from the link above. Also check  Latest Tweakware Settings For MTN0.00kb Free Browsing Cheat 2019.

Zain South Sudan Internet Settings - APN Settings

- Zain APN settings can be manually configured in your device to access internet with Zain in Sudan. Select your phone modal to get most matching customized settings and instructions for your device. Zain South Sudan 4G LTE 3G Internet Settings for Android iPhone iPad Galaxy WiFi Dongle. MMS: APN : blank, username: blank, password: blank, mMSC: blank. Settings - Cellular - Cellular Data Network - APN and enter the following details, cellular Data: APN: internet, username: Blank. APN type : default, aPN protocol: Ipv4, aPN roaming protocol: Ipv4.

Zain Sudan Internet Settings for Android - APN Settings

- Zain SS APN Settings for Android. In your Android Smart Phone Go to Settings - More - Mobile Network - Access point Names - ( to add). Name : Zain. Injection Method: Normal, real Proxy: Tick, click on Editor, Validate and then Save. Your Anonytun VPN ( download from here the configuration settings below, anonytun VPN Settings for Zain Saudi Arabia unlimited free internet. Click on connect and then wait for your connection to go through.

Zain Sudan Sudan APN Configuration Settings - APN Settings

- Zain Sudan 4G 3G LTE gprs Internet Settings for Android Samsung Galaxy S7 S6 Note Tab HTC Desire Wildfire Xperia WiFi Dongle USB Modem. For Internet Settings SMS the word internet to 123 For MMS Settings SMS the word MMS to 123. Zain Sudan APN Settings for Android. This latest Zain free browsing internet is not totally free, however its unlimited thats to say that once you adhere to the instructions on this post you can access any corner of the internet without any limitation. When it does, open your browser and enjoy free unlimited Internet Access.

Zain Sudan Free Internet Browsing on SM Tunnel 2019

- To configure your 3G or 4G LTE mobile or dongle to browse internet or to send MMS with zain Sudan in Sudan apply below APN settings. 634 01 zain Sudan APN Settings. This weekend we are sharing free internet trick for Sudan, as we have shared for other countries, this free internet trick is for zain users, with the aid of their android smartphone and the SM tunnel VPN you can access. Requirements for Zain Sudan Free Internet Browsing on SM Tunnel. Note however that we have free internet settings for other countries and networks you can check them out here. Also check  Tele2 Russia Unlimited Free Internet Via Anonytun VPN to Subscribe to the plan text VB1 to 959 (costs 2 SAR 3 Days Subscription text VB2 to 959 (costs 3 SAR 7 Days Subscription(valid for.

Advance SSL Settings: Dont Enable. WiFi Dongle Settings, profile Name : Internet, aPN: internet. In your Android Smart Phone, go to Settings - More - Mobile Network - Access point Names - ( to add). Name : Zain SS, aPN : internet, proxy : Not Set, port : Not Set. Click here to join our Telegram channel for more free Internet tricks like this and free tutorials on how to create free Internet tricks yourself. Now configure this way: Connection Protocol: TCP, connection Port: 443 or 8080, connect via Parent Proxy: Dont Enable. Username : Not Set, password : Not Set, server : Not Set. Enable/disable APN: APN Enabled, bearer: Unspecified, mVNO type : None. MMS Proxy: blank, mMS Message Size: 1048576, mMS UA Prof URL: blank. An Android device, iOS. Custom TCP/http Headers: Enable, host: m or m Request Method: Connect Injection Method: Normal Forward Host: Tick Online Host: Tick Keep-Alive: Tick User-Agent: Tick Generate, Validate and then Save Now click Save in the Stealth Settings. Zain South Sudan 4G LTE 3G Internet Settings for Android iPhone iPad Galaxy WiFi Dongle. Now configure this way: Connection Protocol: http, connection Port: 8080. Mvno Value : Not set, zain South Sudan APN Settings for iPhone. Access number: *99 user name: Blank Password: Blank). Also check  Movistar Nicaragua Free Internet Via Anonytun VPN. Click on Stealth settings and then turn it. As a disclaimer, this free internet tweaks shared here are for educational purposes only, to alert the ISP about the loopholes available on their network at the same time providing free internet for users who utilize it at the moment. Lets share the SM settings for the Zain unlimited free internet, note however that you can use this host on other VPNs if you are good with tweaking and still access free internet, we are sharing the. Do well to join our Telegram Channel, telegram group or WhatsApp group for updates on more freebies also check  Latest MTN Unlimited.00KB Free Browsing Cheat Via Http Injector 2019 Best regards. Also, remember to like our.

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